About Us

Mission Control's innovative approach to performance and productivity dramatically increases organizational performance and individual effectiveness while reducing stress and increasing work/life balance.

Mission Control is about impacting what the people in your organization are doing — resulting in taking the exact actions that will produce what's of critical importance. With Mission Control's innovative productivity principles, tools, and practices, you and your team will generate unprecedented results, and find yourselves creating new possibilities that did not exist before.

Get targeted results at all levels

Our unique approach gets to the specific actions people will take, not just the general framework. We'll work with you and your team to:

  • Create clarity, engagement, and alignment throughout the organization
  • Put into place those actions that would lead to fulfillment in the areas of greatest importance to you and your organization

Our organizational performance and productivity innovations:

  • Extend leadership capabilities for executives
  • Enhance team performance and productivity for workgroups
  • Elevate performance and productivity for individuals

Increase satisfaction and reduce turnover

Remarkably, people who practice Mission Control's methodologies report that they experience less stress, greater work/life balance, and more job satisfaction. Companies report that employee turnover is reduced and employees take fewer sick days