Executive Performance

Executives are hired for “what wasn't going to happen anyhow.” They are faced with creating and planning for success in the current quarter and fiscal year, and at the same time, for success beyond the current fiscal year. They must find a way to have their intentions translated into effective action at all levels of the organization.

An executive is often left asking themself, “Are my people doing the things that will most effectively produce what the organization needs right now? Do I have my hands on what is going to make the difference in performance going forward?”

Mission Control provides consulting services that support executives and executive teams in powerfully dealing with the complex agenda with which they are faced, as well as with any problem, challenge or opportunity.

Mission Control supports executives with challenges such as:

  • Producing results when the pathway is uncertain
  • Expansion of or change in accountabilities
  • Alignment of executive teams, business units, and/or strategic partners
  • Execution of strategy
  • Annual planning

Mission Control's consulting methodology is a rigorous and transparent method that allows our clients to reliably determine that exact set of doings that will unquestionably make happen what wasn't going to happen anyhow. This methodology allows people, at all levels of the enterprise, to see what is most important to be fulfilled in the organization so that what they are doing is clearly connected to what is of fundamental importance. Moreover, using the methodology leaves those who must actually do the doings motivated, enabled, and empowered.

Our clients report the following benefits:

  • Translating broad initiatives and objectives into those exact actions that will fulfill those initiatives and objectives
  • Having their hands on the levers and dials of what's most important and clear that their direct reports are working on the right things
  • Resolving historical differences that have impeded progress
  • A remarkable clarity regarding what is to be accomplished that provides new access to action and results, significantly elevating individual and collective performance
  • People throughout the organization seeing an unmistakable connection between what they are doing and fulfilling the organization's vision, values and commitments
  • Reducing wasted effort and eliminating distractions
  • An expanded ability to work as a team to deal with the inevitable problems and difficulties that arise
  • Greater focus on getting the job done