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Virtual Productivity & Accomplishment Workshop

Join the Mission Control® masters @Joakim (Kim) Gustavsson from Accendeo and @Theresa Jabbour from Resonance Consulting for a virtual workshop this Fall to experience Power, Freedom & Peace of Mind. Mission Control is a transformational program that will enable you to organize your life and your schedule based on what is most important to you. This program transcends outdated Time Management Programs and leaves you with Six Powerful Tools for maximizing Performance and Effectiveness in the complex & hyper-paced 21st Century.

See the Fall 2024 schedule: 

Module 1 - 9/23 - 10AM-2PM CST / 11AM-3PM EST

Module 2 - 9/26 - 10AM-2PM CST / 11AM-3PM EST

Module 3 - 10/1 - 10AM-2PM CST / 11AM-3PM EST

Module 4 - 10/2 - 10AM-2PM CST / 11AM-3PM EST

Module 5 - 10/11 - 10-11:30AM CST / 11AM-12:30PM EST

Module 6 - 10/18 - 10-11:30AM CST / 11AM-12:30PM EST

Individuals and teams are welcome. Suitable for both first-timers and as a refresher for alumni. Perfect for anyone who wants to experience a shift from being stressed and overwhelmed to having Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind in their lives.

To register now, contact Kim at kim@accendeo.com or Theresa at theresa@resonanceconsultinginc.com and see the Fall brochure for more details.  

Live Productivity & Accomplishment Workshop

Houston, TX - October 29 & 30, 2024
led by Bambi McCullough / Chrysalis Partners
More information and registration

See Programs for more info.

Our Approach

Mission Control provides actionable access to determining and doing what is most effective to impact and elevate organizational performance.

  • Increased Effectiveness

    Mission Control’s innovative approach to performance and productivity dramatically increases organizational performance and individual effectiveness while reducing stress and increasing work/life balance.

  • Actionable Access

    Mission Control is about impacting what the people in your organization are doing — resulting in taking the exact actions that will produce what’s of critical importance. With our innovative principles, tools, and practices, you and your team will find yourselves creating new possibilities that did not exist before.

  • Unprecedented Results

    Organizations and people who practice Mission Control’s methodologies report that they experience less stress, greater work/life balance, and more job satisfaction.

  • Life is so much easier since Mission Control. I have no stress when I look at my calendar now. Mission Control completely changed my relationship to everything I have to do! This is a great class and I recommend it to everybody!

  • I’m a single parent, working full time—so juggling work, home and my social life placed me on a treadmill that left me unfulfilled, drained and powerless. I could not see how else to live my life. Taking this course showed me that there was another way to live and work. I am now relaxed, confident and in control.

  • The course was excellent. I’m so amazed at all that I’ve accomplished just this weekend AND how clear I am about where things should go. It makes scheduling and organizing (dare I say it?) FUN!!!!

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