Workgroup Performance

Today, significant business results tend to require the effort of a team or workgroup, often collaborating cross-functionally or across departments to deliver specific outcomes. The dynamic that occurs when people work in groups can add to the complexity of achieving performance gains.

Remove barriers to team productivity

Mission Control's Workgroup Productivity Program directly addresses key issues workgroups report as impediments to their effectiveness, including the need for team communication, clear objectives, and focus; managing meetings and “finding the time” to complete tasks; and dealing with the interruptions of email and phone calls.

Dramatically increase focus, teamwork, and satisfaction

With Mission Control's organizational performance and productivity principles, tools, and practices, team members are able to consistently focus on what's important to the organization and reliably produce results that fulfill what's important.

  • Accountability and ownership within the group are fostered and become internally driven instead of imposed.
  • Project status is known and easily available to team members and management.
  • Coordinated action, collaboration, and partnership are generated.
  • Work practices are established and agreed upon, significantly elevating group productivity and performance.
  • Stress is reduced and job satisfaction is increased, reducing turnover and sick days.

Effective communications and work habits

Meetings become purposeful, communications (including email) produce the desired action and results, and individual work habits that impede the productivity of the group are replaced with new, more effective practices.

Breakthrough Results

The Workgroup Productivity Program's groundbreaking methodology elevates workgroup productivity, creates conditions that lead to breakthroughs in organizational performance, and provides new sets of tools and practices specifically designed to support workgroups, project teams, departments, cross-functional groups, and entire organizations.