Licensed Partners

Mission Control offers its programs through an exclusive network of Licensed Partners throughout the world. The following are profiles of Licensed Partners who sponsor and lead public workshops in their area, as well as conducting in-house workshops for their corporate customers.

Accendeo | Kim Gustavsson

Kim is a transformational business and management consultant with over 30 years of experience in leadership development and organizational transformation.

Kim's works in the domain of ontology (the study of being) and language.

His work expands to the four areas of:

  • Productivity and effectiveness,
  • Creating visionary leadership,
  • Strategic development and delivery,
  • Individual leadership development.

He has delivered public seminars and training programs to thousands of people, allowing them to create lives of accomplishment, fulfillment and satisfaction, reflecting their passions and self-expression.

Kim is Swedish, has a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine, and has studied seven languages. He currently resides in Texas with his husband and their chocolate lab.

Resonance Consulting | Theresa Jabbour

Theresa Jabbour is the Founder and Principal of Resonance Consulting. She has been engaged in business transformation training and coaching for over 25 years and has led Communication Workshops to over 12,000 people in various North American and European cities.

Resonance Consulting specializes in the areas of Communication, Leadership, Sales, and Productivity Training.

Theresa and her team are passionate about enabling clients to attain & maintain work/life balance, elevate their business performance, and create cultures of communication and fully engaged teams.

Effective Action Consulting

Effective Action Consulting puts you on a new road to prosperity.


We are mentors and trusted advisors offering a wide range of critical business and leadership skills. We excel at thinking innovatively. Our goal is to have you see what is possible, and then work with you to achieve it. Our process transforms your story and together we create a vision of new possibilities.


We stand for organizations that thrive, that adapt easily to changing market conditions to provide value to all stakeholders.



Stay ahead of the competition. Stay ahead of the market and stay ahead of the breakdowns that show up inside your organization.


Your organization is a network of conversations that pass up and down the management chain. It's critical that these conversations be effective.


Successful sales begins with developing a powerful connection with the prospect. When we are disconnected we are separate and the prospect feels it.


A strategic plan is working only when you and your team are taking action to fulfill its vision, taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

We offer the Mission Control Course for businesses and organizations to provide them the tools and practices to be effective and powerful in the face of all that there is to do and handle in a business or organization. It also has proven to be successful in reducing stress, having a healthy work/personal life balance and a compelling future to live into.

Visit our website at

Aspectus “The Power of Vision” | Gaetan Frechette, Sylvie Demers

Aspectus Is a Quebec based consulting firm who delivers professional coaching and training programs in both French and English.

We see your company as a unique team, committed to achieving an inspiring mission, evolving within a renewed environment where every person experiences accomplishment, satisfaction and professional achievement.

We are our clients' partners in creating and upholding an organizational culture that:

  • unleashes the capabilities of every team member
  • exceptionally increases the company's productivity and performance
  • creates a lasting impact on customer loyalty and development
  • allows our clients to distinguish themselves in their activity sector and leads the way
  • generate new pathway's to breakthrough business results

Contact us and let's look together at how we can serve you.

Chrysalis Partners, LLC

Chrysalis Partners, LLC is a performance consulting firm with locations in Houston, Texas. We are dedicated to providing our clients with what is needed to achieve superior measurable results. These include higher levels of productivity, greater employee satisfaction, increased profitability, and lower employee turnover rates. Our clients consistently exceed industry standards in overall performance.

We provide a three pronged approach - performance consulting, executive coaching and breakthrough programs that enable organizations to transcend the problems that keep them from reaching their full potential. We work with key people to improve leadership and to create a high performance culture where every employee becomes responsible for the success of the organization. In partnership with our clients, Chrysalis impacts tangible business concerns and provides concrete solutions.

We work with organizations engaged in banking, energy, engineering, education, healthcare, and other endeavors.

Bambi McCullough is co-founder of Chrysalis Partners, LLC. Bambi is former Executive Vice President of Sterling Bank, Houston, TX where her career spanned 23 years. Her roles included Chief Service Officer, Bank Office CEO and Human Resources and Organizational Development Executive. She was instrumental in designing the employee fulfillment strategy that allowed Sterling Bank to be recognized as one of Fortune Magazine's Best Companies to Work for three consecutive years. Bambi facilitates Mission Control programs, high impact workshops and provides executive coaching and management consulting to organizations.

Cognitis Ltd | David Bennett

David is a Licensed Partner in the UK and has been leading Mission Control programmes since 2005.

David is a Trainer, Consultant and Coach, with over 20 years experience in organisational environments. What he loves doing is helping leaders and executives think differently about the challenges they face, in such a way that they achieve better results and find more satisfaction and fulfillment in the process.

Having graduated from Exeter University with a BA Honours degree in Economics, David spent 14 years in large organizations fulfilling a variety of commercial and leadership roles both in the UK and USA.

Since 2000, David has been focusing exclusively on Learning and Development and has led over 100 training programmes on Leadership, Coaching, Productivity, Presenting and Relationship Management in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia.

David is a Practitioner in MBTI and Insight Learning and a Master Practitioner in Business NLP.

In his free time he likes to keep fit with a mixture of running, cycling, swimming and yoga. He also enjoys getting competitive on the golf course and tennis court!

Please contact David on +44 7740 064058 or


Avenir Leadership

Avenir Leadership Inc. exists to empower the boldest initiatives of leaders all at levels of an organization. We work with those leaders whose audacious commitments require a unique level of development and support. We deliver leadership training, executive coaching and partner-centered support for those committed to realizing extraordinary futures. Our work is grounded in applied learning and transformation and our clients consistently report rapidly expanding their capacities to lead others, contribute their natural gifts and generate bankable results well beyond what they initially imagined.

Our Mission Control practice is designed for individuals who are no longer willing to sacrifice their personal power, freedom or peace of mind to the unending demands of today's information age. If you've ever lost sleep and felt the frustration of an overwhelmed life or found yourself exhausted working on tasks that don't enliven you, this program is for you. Based on completely new thinking about managing tasks and time, graduates consistently report taking control of their lives back. In only a few sessions you will re-invent yourself from an overwhelmed, frustrated, disorganized supporting character to the author of your life, remarkably effective and peaceful amidst the distractions of today's increasingly complex world.

The Granger Network

The Granger Network is an executive and leadership development firm with an emphasis on stakeholder performance - ensuring all stakeholders thrive while profits rise. We take a collaborative approach with our clients to develop relevant, impactful and scalable solutions using a variety of services, namely professional coaching, strategic and cultural alignment, and targeting training and development.

In doing the work of strategic alignment and executive coaching, we found that many of our clients felt overwhelmed between increasing work demands, being an effective leader for their teams, taking care of their own health, and being the kind of family member they desired to be. This includes leaders and managers at every level. We came to realize that most of us have outdated strategies to deal with the influx of ideas, initiatives, task requirements, requests, demands, colleagues and more. As such, we chose to license and lead the Mission Control technology because it was the best method for today's professional ecosystem.

We employ the Mission Control technology to bridge the gap between big ideas, what is fundamentally important to a leader, a leader's well-being, and accountable strategic execution in the current environment of 24/7 work demands.

Please visit our website to get a greater sense of who we are and what we offer:

JMW Consultants, Inc.

JMW helps leaders produce performance breakthroughs in critical areas of their business by causing the necessary shifts in thinking and actions of the people essential to success.

Our proven approach features a powerful suite of products and services that enable clients to identify unseen limitations on performance, elevate leadership capacity for breakthroughs, and build a culture of accountability and a focus on results. We tailor this approach to the needs of each client, creating opportunities, actionable insights and pathways for implementation.

Legacy Transformational Consulting Inc.

Legacy is comprised of a core group of highly-qualified individuals and a growing global network of consultants drawn from more than 150 master students of transformation. Our team has worked with some of the world's most prestigious global organizations in achieving quantum leaps in performance and productivity.

Legacy TC was founded in Montreal in 1989 by Robert Shereck and his wife, Gisele Prive. Together, they oversee the operations of the company from its headquarters in Reno, Nevada, USA.

In Legacy's 25-year history, we have led organizational transformation sessions in companies across Canada, United States, South America, India, Australia, Asia, India, Middle East, and Europe. In all, Legacy has worked with industry leaders in more than 50 countries.

We stand firm in our belief that Legacy is accountable to provide its clients with the know-how to generate compelling futures, work at remarkable new levels, and produce stunning results. We are passionate in our stand that this is the ONLY reason for our existence!

Legacy's expertise is centered on empowering clients with the skills necessary to achieve breakthrough performance by creating power, freedom, and peace of mind in the face of everything there is to do and handle at work and in life. Clients become naturally focused on what's important to them and their company; deal with interruptions in a way that minimizes their impact on productivity; are able to anticipate problems, emergencies, and breakdowns, while dealing with them effectively; and, experience having the time and the freedom to focus on producing what they have committed to.

Mark Kamin & Associates

Since 1983, Mark Kamin & Associates has been on the forefront of organizational transformation providing a unique methodology for creating high performing cultures and training business people to be extraordinarily successful. Mark Kamin & Associates offers a wide range of consulting, coaching and training services with a specific focus on the relationship between integrity and performance.

We are champions of high performing cultures, where people honor their word, work from an empowering context and hold themselves and others accountable.

Our unique methodology gives leaders access to a way of listening and speaking that creates an empowering context and transforms complexity into opportunities for partnership and productivity.

Extraordinary communication, impeccable integrity and authentic leadership are the hallmarks of our work.

We deliver unexpected ways for helping executives create alignment between commitments, activities and strategies. We illuminate pathways to accomplish strategic transformation. We deliver powerful and effective consulting, training and coaching to meet the greatest challenges of individual performance.

Organisational Productivity Expanded Now | Vivek Chopra

At its core, Organisational Productivity Expanded Now (OPEN) works to expand the productivity of people in organizations, and eventually the productivity of organizations as a whole.

Since its inception, OPEN has worked with people from various walks of life - from software companies, to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies, to individuals from various organizations - even students age 16 - 18.

OPEN believes that to a certain degree, everyone wants to expand their abilities to produce results; in less time and with less stress. OPEN trains people to expand their focus and energy, and produce remarkable results throughout important areas of their life.

OPEN starts from the belief that people are great, yet at the same time unconsciously cling to inefficient work habits. Our students learn to adopt new work habits to dramatically expand their productivity.

OPEN is dedicated to people and organizations - providing leadership in their work and personal lives.

Vivek Chopra has been training people since 1986. His business helped to promote and fulfill the dream of computer education and mastery for people in India. In 1998, his career shifted to transforming people and their lives. His work for a global company has helped to offer transformational education programs in over 100 locations around the world. His accountability for the Northern India operations for 5 years led him to more than double the operations during that period.

His vision is to have people and organizations work successfully together creating powerful accomplishments in their lives.

Quantum Resources

Quantum Resources Inc is a global pioneer in the delivery of coaching, consulting and transformational programs to the corporate world.

For over 25 years, Quantum Resources has coached and trained top executives, managers and staff in accessing breakthroughs in communication, visionary leadership, organizational performance, real time productivity and authentic teamwork.

Quantum Resources provides coaching, consulting and leadership training programs to organizations seeking to create unprecedented results quickly. This training leads to dynamic innovation, collaboration and “home run” performance.

Transpective Business Consulting, Inc. | Bob Elliott

Transpective is a premier leader of cultural transformation in the workplace today. Using proprietary methodology that has been developed and finely tuned for more than 20 years, Transpective will help you transcend the obstacles that are holding you back and re-direct your energy and talents in ways that best serve you - and your organization - as a leader.

At Transpective, we don't train leaders. We develop leaders. Our programs are designed to identify and nurture your authentic and natural abilities, thereby empowering you to rise above workplace complacency and cynicism to be the catalyst within your organization for positive change and future growth. Our engagements and strategic initiatives are custom designed to meet the specific needs of you and your organization.

Bob Elliott, president of Transpective Business Consulting, Inc., is an accomplished management consultant and executive business coach with a specialty in organizational transformation and leadership development.
Bob has helped senior executives throughout the U.S. and in the U.K. empower themselves to reach their full potential as leaders, both to achieve specific outcomes and to better serve the strategic framework of their companies and organizations.

His expertise in helping clients transcend conventional business-as-usual practices and self-imposed limitations has been the cornerstone of his success in producing transformational results that are both sustainable and highly effective.

Collectively, Bob has more than 30 years experience in management consulting, organizational development, general management, hands-on production management and productivity training. He has also served as a board director on a number of for-profit and non-profit boards, including several corporate boards of manufacturing and service industries. Bob has been leading Mission Control programs since 2002.