Individual Performance

Mission Control, an exciting new approach to productivity, provides a dramatic increase in your productivity and effectiveness while reducing your stress.

Life is fast and complex

The pace of work is accelerating, leaving many of us with the experience of being overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. We're deluged with information, tortured by impossible deadlines, and overwhelmed by high-spiraling expectations. No matter how well organized we are, effectively dealing with all we have to do and handle often seems impossible. The tools that were developed more than 30 years ago simply are insufficient for today's work demands.

Be immediately more productive with new tools and practices

In Mission Control workshops and training programs, you begin to be aware of the unseen self-imposed limitations to your own productivity and performance. You are equipped with new perspectives and learn how to build new work habits for dealing powerfully with the flood of tasks, activities, challenges, and opportunities that come at you daily. These new perspectives and work habits will leave you more focused, confident, and effective.

You'll get six new tools with accompanying work practices that enable you to manage everything you are doing and not doing, so everything in your life is handled all of the time. Using the Mission Control system, you'll be able to focus completely on what is in front of you, bringing all of your intelligence, creativity, and natural ability to your work.

Be more productive and more satisfied

Using Mission Control's innovative principles, tools, and practices, you'll find yourself accomplishing what is important to you and being more productive, while your stress is cut in half and your sense of satisfaction and work/life balance are increased.

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