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Mission Control Productivity, LLC

Productivity & Accomplishment - Online Course

Productivity & Accomplishment - Online Course

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Productivity & Accomplishment is a five-session, self-paced, online course that delivers the entire foundation and fundamentals of Mission Control. 

Format Five self-paced, online modules (5 hours)
Tuition $299.00 USD - Instant Access
System Requirements

A reliable, high-speed Internet connection is required.
JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
Audio playback capability is also required.

Course Overview

You will learn the fundamental principles of Mission Control, plus detailed work practices for each of the tools of the Mission Control System. You will leave the course able to use the Mission Control system to build work habits that will leave you more powerful, focused and productive.

This course includes five self-paced online modules. Special assignments between modules enable you to develop your skill with the Mission Control system more quickly!

Because each module is self-paced, you can progress at your own speed and review the material as many times as you like. You will be able to access all of the course modules for 12 weeks after you sign in for the first time.

In the Productivity & Accomplishment online course, you’ll learn:

  • How to schedule yourself and your commitments so that you are consistently and powerfully focused on what is most important to you.
  • How to powerfully manage everything there is for you to do and handle, including what you are not doing so it is not nagging at you and impeding your productivity.
  • How to convert tasks and to-dos into accomplishments that draw you naturally into action.
  • How to use your own organizer tools to capture thoughts, ideas, and information before you forget them – which will help you do your best thinking and realize your plans.
  • How to manage key projects to keep them moving forward, even in the presence of interruptions and emergencies.
  • How to create each week as an ongoing series of accomplishments, rather than being overwhelmed by the demands on your time and resources.
  • How to assess your own productivity – and how to keep increasing your level of productivity over time.

Who should participate? This online course is for individuals who want to:

  • Dramatically increase their productivity,
  • Produce the results that are most important to them,
  • Learn a new way to think about, organize and manage work,
  • Reduce stress and worry, and
  • Create a new level of focus and effectiveness in their work and life.

This online course is ideal for:

  • Business professionals and managers in medium and large companies
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Sales professionals
  • Independent professionals who work in consulting, insurance, financial services or real estate
  • Human resources, Training and Organizational Development Managers
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